Found in 2010, DEALS manufactures and exports new technology products to meet the everchanging demands of customer business. Now main products: Bubble Guard Board, Corrugated Plastic Sheet, Conpearl Board, Ram Board, Single Face Corrugated Sheet, Coroplast Board, Corflute Sheet, Floor Protection Paper and related machines.

As the business grows, many customers normally have needs of consolidating other products in one container, they trust us and would ask us to purchase for them, therefore we specially opened a buying office in downtown. No matter whatever you want to buy, we can find it for you, good quality at reasonable ratings, because we know China better, we have a professional team behind us who on average have an experience of 10 years in sales and buying.

If you have any need, just send us a message.

Deals is one company that is always ready to walk that extra mile to optimize customer satisfaction. I adore their hardworking and dedicated team that is very efficient, experienced, helpful and informative. I would like to thank them making our business with them absolutely enjoyable.

Luke - Purchase

DEALS' Milestone