2000mm Bubble Guard Board

2000mm Bubble Guard Board & Sheet is a hollow tripled layered composite & bubbled structure, made up from Polypropylene ( PP ) based Raw Material.

PP Conpearl Board

PP Bubble Board or polypropylene sandwich known as CON-PEARL Board, Astroboard , is a three-dimensionally moulded central sandwich layer on-to which a smooth plastic sheet is laminated on both sides.

PP Conpearl Container

The PP CONPearl Container packaging systems are up to 80% lighter than conventional transport containers and they are collapsible, which offers a return ratio of 8:1. Additionally, ease and safety of handling are also benefits of a CON-Pearl packaging system.

PP Conpearl Sleeve

PP CONPearl sleeve can be manufactured to fit any pallet system in the market, qualifying it for new packaging systems

Bubble Guard Creasing Machine

Our Bubble Guard Creasing Machine is automatically making 3 creases at the same time . Max width upto 1200mm. Also Semi-automatic or manul type available.